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ASNM Forum 2016

Dear Colleagues and Members,

An invitation has been extended to Pakistan to participate in Asian Nuclear Medicine Academic Forum of 2016 May 5th -8th. According to ASNM 'Asian Regional participants are at the centre of everything it does and it is working tirelessly towards ensuring that expectations for this upcoming 2016 Academic Forum are met.The ASNM Secretariat eagerly looks forward to receiving our ASNM Academic Forum guests in Shanghai.'

ASNM is able to accommodate 15 participants from our region (country). The accommodations (up to 3 nights) and the registration fee will be covered by ASNM.

All nuclear medicine professionals interested in the attending the ASNM Shanghai event are invited to submit details in the attached sheet and submit it to the PSNM CME Chair Dr Mehdi Raza at by Jan 25, 2016.
Warm regards,

Dr Saima Haider
Information Secretary PSNM
ASNM Secretariat 3rd Floor,
Building No.12, 470 Guiping Rd. Shanghai,
China Post Code: 200233
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