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PSNM Travel Grant

PSNM Travel Grant Initiative


1. To promote national research in Nuclear Medicine and related fields and to facilitate exposure of upcoming Nuclear Medicine professionals to latest trends and eminent personalities in their fields in the international arena, PSNM executive council has decided to introduce a system of travel grants for young professionals, whose research has been accepted for oral presentation at reputed international conferences.
2. The money for travel grants will be collected, specifically for the purpose, by generous contributions from individual members and the industry. All contributions will be acknowledged on the PSNM website.
3. Number of awards per year and the amount of money per award will be limited by the funds available.
4. Grant award process will be supervised by a subcommittee of the PSNM EC [President, CME Chair (i.e.VP), General Secretary, Finance secretary] and two external members.

Applicant eligibility criteria and requirements

1. All PSNM members on active list, under the age of 45 years whose papers have been accepted for oral presentation at a reputed international conference organized abroad.
2. Applicant member must not be in possession of any other grant to attend the same conference.
3. To apply for the travel grant, the member applicant will submit travel grant application form and attach copies of all required / supporting documents.
4. Travel grant application should reach the PSNM head office or the Vice President PSNM via surface mail / courier or through email, at least 01 month (30 days) prior to the event date.
5. Recommendation by the head of institute / head of the division must be obtained at appropriate place in the prescribed Travel Grant application form.
6. Each travel grant applied for, pending decision or denied must be mentioned in the application form in detail, with relevant documentary evidence attached.
7. The presentation must be relevant to the job description of the applicant and based on original work / research in Nuclear Medicine or related fields.
8. Only the first and second authors of an original study are eligible to apply for the grant.
9. Applicant member must acknowledge the award of travel grant by PSNM in his / her oral presentation.
10. Applicant member must not have availed a PSNM travel grant, within the preceding two years.
11. When applicants from more than one institute / center have applied for the grant, only one applicant from an institute / center will be considered, in one calendar year. Important considerations 1. Names of awardees with details of the travel grant will be published on PSNM website.
2. Decision of the PSNM Executive Council in the approval or otherwise of a travel grant application will be considered final and cannot be challenged at any forum.
3. Applicants will be required to provide evidence of having attended the conference in the conference presentation/attendance/CME credit certificates.
4. If the applicant, for some reason, could not attend the conference for which the travel grant was awarded, the fact should be brought to the notice of PSNM at the earliest convenience and unused portion of the grant refunded, with justification for expending the used amount.
dated 18 June 2016

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